A young lady fleeing the hustle and bustle of the congested big city life, carefree on a bicycle she traverses the highways and byways of her father's hometown Kinmen island; exploring the exquisite remnants of traditional Southern Fujian style architecture, passing through the historic battle sites, as she slowly makes her way to the verdant green forested paths, searching in every note and cranny for the Wind Lion God, sending forth wishes and prayers, offering thanks for hopes fulfilled. In the travel, she is profoundly touched by the rich history of Kinmen’s culture and arts, and the exceedingly prodigious endowments of natural beauty.
Common Cormorant ecological documentary films detailly describe their migrating south for winter, morphological characteristics, formation flying, predatory fish, wings / rest, plumage color change, courtship behavior, nesting / hatching, brooding.
Quemoy Impressions DVD (English/Chinese)
金門的人文及自然景觀 ,面積雖然不大,但卻同時兼具豐富與典雅的特質。走入金門的傳統聚落,看看金門的節慶與廟會活動及戰役史跡。,加以四面環海,又多人工湖沼水澤,多樣化的生育環境,孕育出金門豐富的自然生態景觀,它雖然面積不大,但鳥類種類繁多,是賞鳥的好地點。
栗喉蜂虎,英文名字Blue-tailed Bee Eater:藍尾的蜜蜂捕食者.它是熱帶鳥類,春夏期間在中國大陸南方繁殖,秋冬則移到東南亞渡冬,金門因為鄰近大陸,所以每年都會有一批栗喉蜂虎到金門繁衍下一代,它們的數量大約在一千隻左右.鮮豔的外表.嘹喨的叫聲,儼然是金門最受矚目的夏候鳥.