Narcissus Bowl
The lunar New Year is the season of the narcissus in bloom, when families all love to decorate their homes with blossoms to ensure a fragrant new year’s ambience. When the narcissus begins to bud, it is cleaned and removed to these narcissus bowls where it will enjoy symbiosis with the lovely bowl evoking the idea of man and nature, individual and family, in a lovely harmony.
Copper Iron
Early irons were made from beaten copper, surrounded by a high-convex central furrow, with a smooth bottom, looking very much like a water scoop, and the central furrow would have been heated through adding red-hot charcoals into the hopper, so that the heat penetrated the charcoal to the walls. The wall has a cut cylinder that can accommodate wood segments for hand grips when pressing wrinkles out of clothing, resulting in an "iron."
Calligraphy Ink Lids
When using calligraphy ink for painting, this item was part of a set that held the paints, but the paint holder is missing, and this piece is only the lid. The item’s protruding lip helps prevent items from spilling out. The piece features a painting of " Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum" representing the literati’s most esteemed four elite gentleman scholars.
Double Peach Stone Mortar and Pestle
The character for "CHONG (pound)" refers to "using a mortar and pestle to grind grain or rice", this mortar was called the "stone-ground mortar." A complete set included a stone-ground mortar and pestle. There were many various shapes and sizes of stone-ground mortar and pestle with different purposes. This small stone mortar is generally used for crushing small objects, and while using the stone-grinding mortar, the pestle was applied to crush and grind the objects held in the mortar basin.