Heavenly Divine Lamp
Traditional Southern Fujian Taiwanese beliefs emphasize placement of one or two heavenly divine lamps near the door of the main parlor, along with a heavenly divine incense basin, and when giving honor to the traditional Jade Emperor ancestors, two small red candles were lit within the lamp (commonly replaced with red light bulbs nowadays), and the incense sticks are inserted in the incense basin after prayer. The heavenly divine lamp is a hexagonal design, with a fine wood frame, and six interspersed glass panels bearing the words for "heavenly lamp", "may heaven bless you" "keep all the family safe and well" and other auspicious blessings.
Lacquer Pillow
These wooden pillows are made of various materials: with wood or bamboo ends, curved outer edges, and carved grooves within; the center features a bamboo arrangement, with both ends of bamboo fixed in the frame of wooden groove, lower in the middle and forming a twin pillar wooden coffin like appearance; wrapped coarsely and then dried and painted with black and red lacquer, then painted with auspicious designs such as a dragon or phoenix. These wooded pillows are also called the rouge pillow, lacquer pillow, or "coffin pillow".
Jade Dragon Double Happiness Pillow
The Chinese are Jade lovers, who considered Jade to be the quintessentially beautiful stone. Fine quality jade can be carved into treasured ornaments, while more coarse Jade could be made into horizontal carved jade pillows, which are rare artifacts in deep. This features a dragon and phoenix design with a central sculpted "Double Happiness" emblem, reminiscent of the traditional blessings for a new home; the side is decorated with rattan and leaves, while the pillow is hollow inside, and can be lifted up and down, providing a safe to store hidden treasures in the pillow while sleeping.
Double Peach Stone Mortar and Pestle
The character for "CHONG (pound)" refers to "using a mortar and pestle to grind grain or rice", this mortar was called the "stone-ground mortar." A complete set included a stone-ground mortar and pestle. There were many various shapes and sizes of stone-ground mortar and pestle with different purposes. This small stone mortar is generally used for crushing small objects, and while using the stone-grinding mortar, the pestle was applied to crush and grind the objects held in the mortar basin.