Single Drawer Endtable
A simple tabletop, with a single drawer, for storage, which can conveniently be mixed and matched with other pieces and easily moved. The lower level is perfect for shoes and socks, or in a living room to hold assorted sundry items.
Square Table
In Kimen’s traditional homes, the main hall features a long altar table to place ancestral shrine and Buddha shrine. The long altar table is about 1.1M in length called the Square Table. Some carpenters made improvements to the square Table designs, composed of twin tables fitting together as one long table, allowing for convenient mobility, and called “Table Piece”.
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet
This is a typical kitchen cabinet, with two or three drawers on top and two drawers on either side, with the upper right drawer featuring a lock for safekeeping important items. These kitchen cabinets do not have any particular use, and with a chair could serve as cashier tables in stores or a table put account books, as bookshelves for students and scholars, or as a bookshelf or miscellaneous storage in typical homes.
Rounded Foot High Back Chairs
Besides the flat surface of the chair’s seat, the rest of the chair is rounded, besides the several sharp angles, the rest of the chair features curves. While the high back features some marble; the rest of the chair is executed in wood. The entire piece is engaged by tenon which has stayed sturdy over a century, and the bat design on the base of the high back appears to be the eyes of the chair.
Side Vanity Mirror
Traditional vanities are composed of two parts: the upper vanity and the lower mirror, with the upper part holding cosmetics, and the lower storing miscellany. Most featured four drawers, two large and two small, with the smaller ones having locks to safekeep precious items. Large exemplars as this with seven drawers and four handles and a large mirror are quite rare indeed.
Wash Basin (Basin Rack)
This wash basin reveals that in more traditional times, people did not wash their face inside the house, but for newlywed brides to have a convenient place to do their makeup. There would be a wash basin, with a small mirror on top, wash basin in the center, and another foot basin on the lower spare rack. The entirety is similar to today’s wash basin.