Blue and White Small Platter
This blue and white porcelain features a unique glaze. There are two carp and other fish cavorting in grassy waters, with the Mandarin character for Longevity in the center. Each stroke begins and ends at the same point, exhibiting an exhilarating symmetry, which is very clearly accomplished. The reverse bears the name “Harmony” which is likely the producer’s firm name.
Twin Fish Blue and White Small Platter
Sunset atop the water’s surface, as the fish gleefully jump forth to enjoy the skies hues at dusk. There are three grasses astride the platter, and in the middle is the name of the artisanal craftsman “Lien Xing”.
Blue and White Two Eared Bottles
These delicate blue and white pieces were cool and perfect for storing dried goods to prevent spoilage, and were often used for expensive medicine or foods to keep them fresh. This two eared design with round golden circle shapes can be carried by hand, and the lid is interlocking, so it can be conveniently opened and closed, while also providing a lovely aesthetic sense.
Narcissus Bowl
The lunar New Year is the season of the narcissus in bloom, when families all love to decorate their homes with blossoms to ensure a fragrant new year’s ambience. When the narcissus begins to bud, it is cleaned and removed to these narcissus bowls where it will enjoy symbiosis with the lovely bowl evoking the idea of man and nature, individual and family, in a lovely harmony.
Single Drawer Endtable
A simple tabletop, with a single drawer, for storage, which can conveniently be mixed and matched with other pieces and easily moved. The lower level is perfect for shoes and socks, or in a living room to hold assorted sundry items.
Square Table
In Kimen’s traditional homes, the main hall features a long altar table to place ancestral shrine and Buddha shrine. The long altar table is about 1.1M in length called the Square Table. Some carpenters made improvements to the square Table designs, composed of twin tables fitting together as one long table, allowing for convenient mobility, and called “Table Piece”.