Radically different in appearance from the gentle curves of the prior round chair, this strongly squared piece features curves only in the three pieces composing the high back, with the rest in elegant, uncarved wood, perfect for actual use.
Carved Wooden Pastry Embossing Press with Six Design Molds
Carved wooden pastry embossing presses had to be made of hard woods to ensure their longevity as family heirlooms for the holiday baking season. These thick, heavy wooden presses came with six carved molds, featuring a design of the celestial tortoise’s “Fortunate Blessed Longevity” on the largest side, surrounded by a lot of decoration. The other side features longevity peaches and fan-shaped array of flowers (floral molds with a red turtle design were used less frequently). There is also a mold with a group of hand carved fish, and the reverse side of the mold features a diamond shaped “Longevity” emblem and pomegranates symbolizing a long life and plenty of offspring.
Carved Wooden Pastry Embossing Press With Three Design Molds
This pastry embosser is broad and thin, with two of the largest pastry embossing molds, with a large turtle carved on one side, and the three Mandarin characters for “Fortunate Blessed Longevity” in the center. Such pastries were specially produced in honor of a male offspring’s first month after birth or at age 16 to thank heaven for protecting the child. The dual sided mold features a peach on one side and a tortoise shell on the reverse, with a peach of longevity with leaves and blossoms surrounded by peach branches; and clearly carved tortoise head, tail and four feet.
Round Tortoise Shell Carved Wooden Pastry Embossing Press With Design Molds
Among the popular Kinmen beliefs, it is thought that there should be red tortoise pastries prepared to honor the God on every ninth of the lunar January (Birthday of The Emperor of Heaven), every fifteenth day of the lunar January (The Lantern Festival), every fifteenth day of lunar August (Mid-Autumn Festival) or other important celebrations. These traditional pastries are made of glutinous rice powder, flour, and sweet potato pasta noodles as the pastry dumpling "skin", and filled with stone-ground fried peanuts, embossed in the tortoise pastry mold press, with a variety of designs, to make these “embossed pastries”.
Longevity Peach, Fish and Fortunate Wealth Carved Wooden Pastry Embossing Press With Four Design Molds
Embossed pastries are produced from heavy solid embossing presses and carved wooden molds, the molds are carved on at least three sides, with one of the smallest sides left uncarved, for use as a handheld instrument to help remove the embossed pastries. The largest mold face carved the tortoise with Mandarin character for "Shou (Longevity)” and a peach on the other side, the traditional emblem for a long life; while the other medium size embossing design features a fish eagle, with a chain of interconnected coins symbolizing wealth carved on the reverse, bringing blessings that every day one should have “multiple streams of income”.
The Rooftile General
The Rooftile General in Kinmen is also known as the "Rooftop Wind Lion God". During the Sung and Yuan dynasties as more immigrated to Kinmen Island, where the Yuan administration had established a salt field known as Wuzhou, deforestation to produce wood fuel for salt dehydration resulted in massive topsoil loss. On the occasion of dynasty change from Ming to Qing, for boundary moving again, Kimen residents suffered the pain of sandstorms every autumn and winter. Therefore the local Kimen residents adopted the use of this ceramic tile general, to counteract the abrasive sandstorm winds, so that residents could live and work in peace.