Rattan Round Tiered Basket
Featuring two tiers with a lid, this rattan basket was made of thin strips, and thin woven bamboo, through convex weaving artistry. The handle was made of baked bamboo with copper nails, and the vase and flower designs were carved and coated in gold enamel, revealing a royal flourish. These baskets were used to carry important gifts to weddings and festive occasions.
Circular Black Tiered Basket
This two tiered basket with a lid and wooden base, is round, and made of thin wood strips, covered in raw lacquer. The handle is framed in bamboo, additional layer is added inside horizontal handle and features curves for convenient hand carry. The vertical section on both sides divided into three forks and combined with the bottom layer. The basket’s tiered layers are decorated in nature scenes and calligraphy, and the lid with famous opera personalities.
Oval Red Lacquer  Tiered Basket
This round basket features a mini handle, with a small diameter of 16.9cm, 22 cm in height, and each tier measuring only 6cm. The base and panels are wooden chips, and each tier expands upward, in brilliant red lacquer. Bamboo bend intoㄇ Shape handle, the bottom combine together with the lower part of both sides. The layers and lid are separable, revealing the delicate craftsmanship involved, the piece was used to store jewelry and gold, as any other use would seem a waste for such artistry.
Square Rattan Tiered Basket
This was a jeweler’s specimen sales basket in the olden days when they would visit the countryside to sell their wares. The two tiers, lid and base are all made from thin wood, with the frame in bamboo board, combined the basket wall layer and frame in thin rattan, with a bamboo handle. It is held by copper bindings which are sturdy, and evinces fine craftsmanship as all the elements fit together perfectly snugly.
Bamboo Basket
These bamboo baskets were woven in a herringbone cross method or hexagon in three forks method, with intersecting sides like an upside down V, and were perfect to collect peanuts and sweet potatoes, or wild greens on the hills on mountain tops or at the seashore. These were the most commonly used baskets which were made of sturdy durable bamboo with some thickness. There is a handle on the side, a thin rope could be fastened on the handle and hung the baskets on the bamboo shoulder pole for convenient portability, and allow easy hanging on hallway hangars at home, so they were often called hanging baskets.
Blue and White Two Eared Bottles
These delicate blue and white pieces were cool and perfect for storing dried goods to prevent spoilage, and were often used for expensive medicine or foods to keep them fresh. This two eared design with round golden circle shapes can be carried by hand, and the lid is interlocking, so it can be conveniently opened and closed, while also providing a lovely aesthetic sense.
Radically different in appearance from the gentle curves of the prior round chair, this strongly squared piece features curves only in the three pieces composing the high back, with the rest in elegant, uncarved wood, perfect for actual use.
Narcissus Bowl
The lunar New Year is the season of the narcissus in bloom, when families all love to decorate their homes with blossoms to ensure a fragrant new year’s ambience. When the narcissus begins to bud, it is cleaned and removed to these narcissus bowls where it will enjoy symbiosis with the lovely bowl evoking the idea of man and nature, individual and family, in a lovely harmony.