The Kinmen National Park is replete with scenic nature preserves, extensive cultural heritage preservation, and war relics, as a world class national park encompassing Kinmen and Little Kinmen Islands, including six separate traditional villages. These are filled with welcoming examples of the finest Southern Fujian style architecture resplendent in their bright red and verdant green tiles, angular architrave moulding, pass gate, and handcrafted stone sculptures, wooden carvings, engraved bricks, koji pottery, ceramics cutting and pasting, and plaster decorations.

Amidst this exquisite traditional architecture, there are also a profusion of popular cultural and household items exemplary of common lifestyles, which have been faithfully preserved even while the rapidly disappear from the landscape of the increasingly modernized Taiwan, and which vary quite remarkably from those more commonly seen on Taiwan before. To help encourage much greater public awareness and appreciation of these rich sources of cultural heritage, reflecting the more than 1,600 year history of the occupation of these isles, the Kinmen National Park Administration has digitalized these Kinmen popular cultural artifact holdings in an online archive available to the public. This is just the beginning of the efforts as more will be added, in the hope of securing the sustainable development objectives of the Kinmen National Park as a preserve of our living cultural history.

[ 2010-11-09 ] Bamboo Basket
[ 2010-11-09 ] Basket