M48A3 "Patton-Ⅱ" Medium Tank
Mad by a US arsenal in Detroit, M483 Patton-II medium tank is themain force of the ROC army.Max speed: 48 kilometers per hour. Trench crossing: 2.59 merers.Fording depth:1.219 meters.
M18 "Hellcat" Tank Destroyers
Manufactured by the US General Motors Corp., M18 Hellcat is a tracked vehicle with toursion bar suspension. It was widely used in World War Ⅱ and the first armored vehicle given to the ROC armed forces. Max speed:88 kilometers per hour Fording depth:1.22 meters
M5A1 "Stuart" Light Tank [ 2010-11-12 ]
M5A1 "Stuart" Light Tank
US made M5A1 improved light tanks from General Dynamics, were active in World War II, and in addition to their US military use, were provided as military aid to US allies. They were widely used in counter-insurgency operations in China’s northeast, as well as the Battle of Zhoushan and in Hainan Island. They performed exceptionally in the battles on Kinmen in 1949, fondly known as the "the Grizzly Bear of Kinmen”. Maximum speed: 56 km / h, trench width: 1.828 meters, wading depth :0.914 meters.
M24 "Chaffee" Light Tank [ 2010-11-12 ]
M24 "Chaffee" Light Tank
The M-24 Light Tank was the main armored vehicle that substituted the M 8, the Bear of Kinmen. It featured high mobility, strong fire, eirm protective armor and efficient radio communication ability. This tank was an indispensable for the protion of this island on the first line
M108 105mm Self-propelled Howitzer
A lightweight towed howitzer with excellent ground mobility, M 108 105 mm self-propelled howitzer is amphibious and air-portable. Its turret can turn 360 degrees.Max speed: 56 kilometers per hour.Max rate of fire: 10 rounds per minute.Max range:11500 meters.
LVT-P4 [ 2010-11-12 ]
This landing crait which was under the command or a tank battalion of ROC Marine Corps , has the capabilities of carrying soldiers, equipment, and supplies, and making surprise attacks and landing. During the "823" campaign, our landing crafts had transported 3400 tons of supplies and materiel to maintain the incessant combat strength of the Kinmen Defense Command. The Chinese Communists dream of blockading Kinmen was thus shattered and the LVT took highest credit.