[ 2009-11-21 ] Shanhou Xiabao 
[ 2009-11-21 ] Shanhou Xiabao1 
Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy) of Middle Fort at Shanhou belongs to the terrain of “Five Tigers Turn Around their Heads.” In terms of geographical, Middle Fort at Shanhou is in the vicinity of five hills situated to the northeast of Kinmen and is built on the gentle slope facing the sea with the mountain at the rear that presents a magnificent scene. Residences were built along the slope that is oriented to the sitting hills and overlooking layout ("layout" means water); the location is toward a layout of sitting west facing east. "Tiger mouth" is situated in the entrance of the monumental archway in a shape of "swallow sun" (facing east to watch the sunrise); meanwhile, it was passed on the site where Wang Family ancestral shrine is situated, there is a "dragon den," signifying business success, where a dragon with an invisible tail live by the side of the Wang Family Ancestral Shrine that can protect the younger generations. The buildings are situated on east-directed gentle slope in an ordered array lying against mountains and facing sea as each residence has a door of “Face sunlight” with its extraordinary terrain rarely seen in Kinmen.
Residents of Middle Fort at Shanhou relied mainly on engaging in dry farmland corps, domestic fowl breeding and inshore fishing in early days, as most locals plant sweet potato, corn, sorghum, barley and wheat, barely maintaining self sufficiency. Inshore fishing has been in decline gradually since the armed force of R.O.C. stations. But fishermen are eligible for application for “Oyster Farmer Certificate” to pick wild oyster and edible seaweed on inter-tidal abrasion platforms.