What is an intertidal zone? The range affected by the rise and fall of tides along the coastal areas, from the high tide line to the low tide line during spring tide. Since organisms living in such environment need to face the ocean water level changes and the effects of tidal movements to their ground substances, therefore all intertidal organisms have special survival rule to be able to live in such intensively changing environment.

Take the environment of the vast intertidal zones at Kinmen’s west coast and north cost for example, these environments are also Kinmen’s major production place places for stone oysters. From the condition of the well grown stone oysters, we can tell such environment is rich in nutrition and the basic production capacity is considerably vigorous. The two areas of Wuchiang Creak mouth and Pubian both have Mangrove with Avicennia Marina as the major plants and some kandelia growing in-between. The mud area contains many species and huge quantity of crabs and shellfish and sea snails, therefore it provides water birds rather affluent food resources to form the environment for enormous species and families of birds in Kinmen.