It is recorded in history that the park was originally a green forestry area, but later as a result of cooking salts, building ships and uncontrolled wood cutting during the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, which caused the storm to come with even harmful damage that eventually left the green mountain in its devastating state.

After the year of 1949, local soldiers and civilians were aggressive in forestation and forest protection. In the past years, forestation trees planting included Horsetail Beefwood trees, Acacia trees, Pine trees, and Eucalyptus trees, etc. to achieve the purpose of greening, wind protection and sand fixation. Kinmen's original plants are only preserved in less easily accessible areas at Taiwu Mountain and Wuhu Mountain, which mainly comprise the Litsea Glutinosa, Hackberry, and Chinese Pistacia, with Litsea Glutinosa spreading out the most.

Due to the effect of dry weather and the interruption by people on the plants in Kinmen, the low ground surface plants and shrubs that flower in-between spring and summer put beautifully colored clothing on Kinmen. The Park has more than 600 species of plants, part of them such as the Litsea Glutinosa, Strophanthus divaricatus, Spiraea blumei G.Don, are not grown in Taiwan. Due to location reason, plants in the park have closer relationship with the Mainland China.