Project Summary

      Digitization has been one of the emphases of government policies.  The Digital Archive Project of Kinmen National Park was inspired by Digital Museum Project, National Digital Archives Program and International Digital Library Cooperation Plan launched and implemented by the Executive Yuan with an aim for sustained preservation of national treasures in the National Park.  This Project will digitize a total of 1869 objects administered by Kinmen National Park including memorials, books, reports, photographs, publicity and audio and video data to create sustainable image archives for easy reference and studies.  With such digitized materials, a dedicated website in the theme of Kinmen National Park will then be established as a knowledge platform for preservation of civilian achievements and natural environment.  It is anticipated that valuable local cultural heritage in Kinmen will be preserved by digitization of texts, pictures, audios and videos, while digitized materials will facilitate knowledge dissemination and academic research through various development and applications of digital contents.

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