Project Origin

      Government efforts in our country to set aside protected lands as national parks started in 1984 by the establishment of Kenting National Park. Such efforts continued over the next two decades and led to successive establishment of another six national parks; Yushan, Yangmingshan, Taroko, Shei-Pa, Kinmen and Dongsha Atoll Marine.  While the other six are all with emphases on the conservation of ecosystems and natural landscape, Kinmen National Park, the sixth national park established in 1995, is unique in a way that it is the first national park in our country with focus on preservation of historical sites, war monuments and natural resources, which not only signifies indicative respect to civilian achievements in human culture but brings the scope of national parks in our country to a more comprehensive level.

      As the first national park in our country that integrates the preservation of civilian achievements, war monuments and natural environment, Kinmen National Park, with diverse cultural sites from the distant past, has become a sacred place of profoundity that unites and maintains testimony to the history and veneration toward all beings. With traditional Fukien cultures, emigrant cultures and battlefield atmosphere mingled and preserved in the same buildings to encompass unique cultural features and life experience, the clan villages in Kinmen embrace an environmental perspective of utmost harmony between man and nature.


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