Brief Introduction

Jinning Township lies in the mid-west part of the Kinmen Island, its history of development and scenes are full of thick battlefield color. The “Guningtou War” that broke out in 1949 was well-known to the world. During the vigorous fighting, the national troops under weak condition overturned the situation from loosing to win the battle against the stronger force. The critical battle left memorable historical records extremely worthy of remembrance meaning and tourism value.

Transportation Information

Guningtou Battlefield Line (B Line)
Running Schedule: Starting from July 1, 2009, it runs everyday.
Starting Station: Jincheng Station
Fair: One day ticket NT$200, two days ticket NT$350, discount available during promotional period.

Route and Stops:

Jincheng Station>>Gymnasium>>Xicheli Administration>>Jincheng Health Administration>>China Youth Corps>>Kuangchien Temple>>Lincuo>>Guningtou Battle Museum>>Shuangli Wetlands Nature Center>>Tsu Lake Scenic Spot>>China Youth Corps>>Jincheng Health Administration>>Ximenli Administration>>Gymnasium>>Jincheng Station