Brief Introduction

Jincheng Township is located in the west half of Kinmen Island with its northeast side next to Jinning Township. Historical sites within Jincheng are on top of others in Kinmen County. The town is further characterized by clusters of western-style houses and Min-style architectures that tell the story of abundant overseas culture.

Transportation Information

Dishan Golden Gate Line (A Line)
Running Schedule: Starting from July 1, 2009, it runs everyday.
Starting Station: Jincheng Station
Fair: One day ticket NT$200, two days ticket NT$350, discount available during promotional period.

Route and Stops:

Jincheng Station>>Gymnasium>>Xicheli Administration>>Jincheng Health Administration>>Juguang Tower>>National Open University>>Shueitou Village>>Golden Gate (Old West Gate)>>Golden Gate (Old East Gate)>>Dishan Tunnel>>Jhushan>>Gymnasium>>Ximenli Administration>>Jincheng Health Administration>>Jincheng Station