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Facts about Kinmen
The impression of a national park to people would mostly contains the picture of natural ecology conservation however Kinmen National Park is the first one in Taiwan with a major task for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage and battlefield remembrance. Think about the cannonballs and weapons left from the 823 battlefield? Browse around the battlefield history on this website or personally come to Kinmen for a trip!
Throughout a year, Kinmen is under the effect of north-east wind for more than 9 months, therefore since the Qing Dynasty, people of Kinmen have been establishing the wind inhibiting spirit that can banish the evil. Until now, the mot popular and widely known spirit to banish the evil is the famous Wind Lion God. Local residents believe that Wind Lion God is the spirit capable of inhibiting the wind and stopping the evil as well as bringing in fortune.
Kinmen National Park is the sixth established national park in Taiwan. The most special thing about this park is to have the highest density of bird ecological resources in the whole country. Within its range of only 150 square kilometers, more than 250 species of birds have been found and new species are also being explored from time to time. Such phenomenon has been for the reason that Kinmen is located along the south-east coast of the mainland China as a stop-over ground for migratory birds’ movement.
Do you know? In Hopu of Kinmen, on April 12 of the lunar calendar every year, there will always be a large activity when the Hopu Town God comes out to patrol around the island. The most popular saying for the origination of this special festivity is in memory of the date when Chen Long moved his office from Golden Gate to station at Hopu during the time of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty. Today, the Kinmen’s Town God patrol contains the significance of peaceful living and joyful working for the people and to make the evil not dare to disturb.